[ point ]
/ pɔɪnt /


verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

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Origin of point

1175–1225; (noun) Middle English point(e); partly < Old French point dot, mark, place, moment < Latin pūnctum, noun use of neuter past participle of pungere to prick, stab (cf. pungent); partly < Old French pointe sharp end < Medieval Latin pūncta, noun use of Latin: feminine of past participle of pungere; (v.) Middle English pointen; partly derivative of the noun, partly < Middle French pointer, derivative of pointe (noun)


mul·ti·point, adjective un·der·point, noun un·der·point, verb (used without object)

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à point
[ a pwan ]
/ a ˈpwɛ̃ /

adverb French.

just in time.
(of cooking) to a turn; perfectly.
(of meat) cooked medium.

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decimal fraction

noun Arithmetic.

a fraction whose denominator is some power of 10, usually indicated by a dot (decimal point or point) written before the numerator: as 0.4 = 4/10; 0.126 = 126/1000.

Origin of decimal fraction

First recorded in 1650–60

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/ (pɔɪnt) /



Word Origin for point

C13: from Old French: spot, from Latin punctum a point, from pungere to pierce; also influenced by Old French pointe pointed end, from Latin pungere

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decimal fraction


another name for decimal (def. 1)

Medical definitions for point

[ point ]


A sharp or tapered end.
A slight projection.
A stage or condition reached.


To become ready to open, as an abscess or boil.

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[ point ]

A geometric object having no dimensions and no property other than its location. The intersection of two lines is a point.

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decimal fraction

A decimal having no digits to the left of the decimal point except zero, such as 0.2 or 0.00354.

Cultural definitions for point


In geometry, a location having no dimension — no length, height, or width — and identified by at least one coordinate.

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