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Origin of edge

before 1000; Middle English egge, Old English ecg; cognate with German Ecke corner; akin to Latin aciēs, Greek akís point

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1. Edge, border, margin refer to a boundary. An edge is the boundary line of a surface or plane: the edge of a table. Border is the boundary of a surface or the strip adjacent to it, inside or out: a border of lace. Margin is a limited strip, generally unoccupied, at the extremity of an area: the margin of a page.


edge·less, adjective out·edge, verb (used with object), out·edged, out·edg·ing. un·der·edge, noun un·edge, verb (used with object), un·edged, un·edg·ing.

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/ (ɛdʒ) /



Derived forms of edge

edgeless, adjective edger, noun

Word Origin for edge

Old English ecg; related to Old Norse egg, Old High German ecka edge, Latin aciēs sharpness, Greek akis point

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