[ puh-zish-uhn ]
/ pəˈzɪʃ ən /


verb (used with object)

to put in a particular or appropriate position; place.
to determine the position of; locate.

Origin of position

1325–75; Middle English posicioun a positing (< Anglo-French) < Latin positiōn- (stem of positiō) a placing, etc. See posit, -ion


5 rank.
7 Position, job, place, situation refer to a post of employment. Position is any employment, though usually above manual labor: a position as clerk. Job is colloquial for position, and applies to any work from lowest to highest in an organization: a job as cook, as manager. Place and situation are both mainly used today in reference to a position that is desired or being applied for; situation is the general word in the business world: Situations Wanted; place is used rather of domestic employment: He is looking for a place as a gardener.
8 placement, disposition, array, arrangement.
9 Position, posture, attitude, pose refer to an arrangement or disposal of the body or its parts. Position is the general word for the arrangement of the body: in a reclining position. Posture is usually an assumed arrangement of the body, especially when standing: a relaxed posture. Attitude is often a posture assumed for imitative effect or the like, but may be one adopted for a purpose (as that of a fencer or a tightrope walker): an attitude of prayer. A pose is an attitude assumed, in most cases, for artistic effect: an attractive pose.
12 proposition, hypothesis, postulate, thesis; dictum, assertion, predication, contention; doctrine, principle.
17 situate.


po·si·tion·al, adjective po·si·tion·less, adjective mis·po·si·tion, verb (used with object) well-po·si·tioned, adjective

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/ (pəˈzɪʃən) /


verb (tr)

Derived forms of position

positional, adjective

Word Origin for position

C15: from Late Latin positiō a positioning, affirmation, from pōnere to place, lay down

Medical definitions for position

[ pə-zĭshən ]


A place occupied.
A bodily attitude or posture, especially a posture assumed by a patient to facilitate the performance of diagnostic, surgical, or therapeutic procedures.
The relation of an arbitrarily chosen portion of the fetus to the right or left side of the mother.

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position v. po•sition•al adj.