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    for the win, Slang. (used to express enthusiasm for someone or something that is very good, likely to succeed, etc.): a plant-based diet, for the win!

Origin of win

before 900; Middle English winnen (v.), Old English winnan to work, fight, bear; cognate with German gewinnen, Old Norse vinna, Gothic winnan


win·na·ble, adjective

Definition for win (2 of 2)

win 2
[ win ]
/ wɪn /

verb (used with object), winned, win·ning. Scot. and North England.

to dry (hay, wood, etc.) by exposure to air and sun.

Origin of win

First recorded in 1550–60; perhaps variant of winnow

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British Dictionary definitions for win (1 of 2)

win 1
/ (wɪn) /

verb wins, winning or won


See also win out

Derived forms of win

winnable, adjective

Word Origin for win

Old English winnan; related to Old Norse vinna, German gewinnen

British Dictionary definitions for win (2 of 2)

win 2
/ (wɪn) /

verb wins, winning, won or winned (tr) Irish, Scot and Northern English dialect

to dry (grain, hay, peat, etc) by exposure to sun and air
a less common word for winnow

Word Origin for win

Old English, perhaps a variant of winnow

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