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Origin of make

before 900; Middle English maken, Old English macian; cognate with Low German, Dutch maken, German machen

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1. Make, construct, manufacture mean to produce, to put into definite form, or to put parts together to make a whole. Make is the general term: Bees make wax. Construct, more formal, means to put parts together, usually according to a plan or design: to construct a building. Manufacture usually refers to producing something from material that requires conversion from one state or condition to another, now almost entirely by means of machinery in a relatively complex process: to manufacture automobiles by the assembly of different parts. The term is also often used contemptuously of unimaginative or hackneyed works of art with the implication that the work was produced mechanically, and is used abstractly with the idea of denying genuineness: to manufacture an excuse.


mak·a·ble, adjective

Definition for make (2 of 2)

make 2
[ meyk ]
/ meɪk /

noun British Dialect.

a peer or equal.
a spouse, mate, consort, or lover.
a friend; companion.

Origin of make

before 1000; Middle English mak, make, Old English gemaca. See match2

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British Dictionary definitions for make (1 of 2)

make 1
/ (meɪk) /

verb makes, making or made (mainly tr)


Derived forms of make

makable, adjective

Word Origin for make

Old English macian; related to Old Frisian makia to construct, Dutch maken, German machen to make

British Dictionary definitions for make (2 of 2)

make 2
/ (meɪk) /

noun archaic

a peer or consort
a mate or spouse

Derived forms of make

makeless, adjective

Word Origin for make

Old English gemaca mate; related to match 1

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