[ woch-dawg, -dog ]
/ ˈwɒtʃˌdɔg, -ˌdɒg /


a dog kept to guard property.
a watchful guardian: a self-appointed watchdog of the public morals.


of, relating to, or characteristic of a watchdog.
organized or functioning as a watchful guardian, especially against illegal or unethical conduct: a watchdog group in the legislature.

verb (used with object), watch·dogged, watch·dog·ging.

to watch carefully, especially so as to detect illegal or unethical conduct.

Origin of watchdog

First recorded in 1600–10; watch + dog

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British Dictionary definitions for watchdog

/ (ˈwɒtʃˌdɒɡ) /


a dog kept to guard property
  1. a person or group of persons that acts as a protector or guardian against inefficiency, illegal practices, etc
  2. (as modifier)a watchdog committee