[ soo-per-in-ten-duh nt, soo-prin- ]
/ ˌsu pər ɪnˈtɛn dənt, ˌsu prɪn- /


a person who oversees or directs some work, enterprise, establishment, organization, district, etc.; supervisor.
a person who is in charge of maintenance and repairs of an apartment house; custodian.
a high-ranking police officer, especially a chief of police or an officer ranking next above an inspector.


Origin of superintendent

1545–55; < Medieval Latin superintendent- (stem of superintendēns), present participle of superintendere to superintend; see -ent

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British Dictionary definitions for superintendent

/ (ˌsuːpərɪnˈtɛndənt, ˌsuːprɪn-) /


a person who directs and manages an organization, office, etc
(in Britain) a senior police officer higher in rank than an inspector but lower than a chief superintendent
(in the US) the head of a police department
mainly US and Canadian a caretaker, esp of a block of apartments


of or relating to supervision; superintending

Word Origin for superintendent

C16: from Church Latin superintendens overseeing