[ gahr-dee-uhn ]
/ ˈgɑr di ən /


a person who guards, protects, or preserves.
Law. a person who is entrusted by law with the care of the person or property, or both, of another, as a minor or someone legally incapable of managing his or her own affairs.
the superior of a Franciscan convent.


guarding; protecting: a guardian deity.

Origin of guardian

1375–1425; late Middle English gardein < Anglo-French. See warden

pronunciation note for guardian

Guardian is occasionally pronounced with two syllables and with stress on the final syllable: [gahr-deen] /gɑrˈdin/. This pronunciation is now most characteristic of older, less educated speakers.


guard·i·an·less, adjective un·der·guard·i·an, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for guardian

/ (ˈɡɑːdɪən) /


one who looks after, protects, or defends the guardian of public morals
  1. law someone legally appointed to manage the affairs of a person incapable of acting for himself, as a minor or person of unsound mind
  2. social welfare (in England) a local authority, or person accepted by it, named under the Mental Health Act 1983 as having the powers to require a mentally disordered person to live at a specified place, attend for treatment, and be accessible to a doctor or social worker
(often capital) (in England) another word for custos


protecting or safeguarding

Derived forms of guardian

guardianship, noun