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Origin of line

before 1000; Middle English li(g)ne cord, rope, stroke, series, guiding rule, partly < Old French ligne ≪ Latin līnea, noun use of feminine of līneus flaxen (orig. applied to string), equivalent to līn(um) flax (see line2) + -eus -eous, partly continuing Old English līne string, row, series < Latin, as above


lin·a·ble, line·a·ble, adjective line·less, adjective line·like, adjective

Definition for lined (2 of 2)

line 2
[ lahyn ]
/ laɪn /

verb (used with object), lined, lin·ing.

to cover the inner side or surface of: to line the coat with blue silk.
to serve to cover: Velvet draperies lined the walls of the room.
to furnish or fill: to line shelves with provisions.
to reinforce the back of a book with glued fabric, paper, vellum, etc.


a thickness of glue, as between two veneers in a sheet of plywood.

Origin of line

1350–1400; Middle English lynen, derivative of line linen, flax, Old English līn < Latin līnum flax

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line 1
/ (laɪn) /



See also lines, line-up

Derived forms of line

linable or lineable, adjective lined, adjective linelike, adjective liny or liney, adjective

Word Origin for line

C13: partly from Old French ligne, ultimately from Latin līnea, n use of līneus flaxen, from līnum flax; partly from Old English līn, ultimately also from Latin līnum flax

British Dictionary definitions for lined (2 of 2)

line 2
/ (laɪn) /

verb (tr)

to attach an inside covering to (a garment, curtain, etc), as for protection, to hide the seaming, or so that it should hang well
to cover or fit the inside of to line the walls with books
to fill plentifully a purse lined with money
to reinforce the back of (a book) with fabric, paper, etc

Word Origin for line

C14: ultimately from Latin līnum flax, since linings were often made of linen

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[ līn ]


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[ līn ]

A geometric figure formed by a point moving in a fixed direction and in the reverse direction. The intersection of two planes is a line.♦ The part of a line that lies between two points on the line is called a line segment.

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A set of points that have one dimension — length — but no width or height. (See coordinates.)

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