[ strahy-king ]
/ ˈstraɪ kɪŋ /


attractive; impressive: a scene of striking beauty.
noticeable; conspicuous: a striking lack of enthusiasm.
being on strike, as workers.
  1. capable of attacking an enemy, especially by air: striking power.
  2. within the extent of space through which it is possible to attack a target effectively: striking distance.

Origin of striking

First recorded in 1605–15; strike + -ing2


strik·ing·ly, adverb strik·ing·ness, noun non·strik·ing, adjective un·strik·ing, adjective

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Origin of strike

before 1000; 1768 for def 65; (v.) Middle English striken to stroke, beat, cross out, Old English strīcan to stroke, make level; cognate with German streichen; (noun) Middle English: unit of dry measure (i.e., something leveled off; see strick), derivative of the v.; akin to streak, stroke1

synonym study for strike

1. Strike, hit, knock imply suddenly bringing one body in contact with another. Strike suggests such an action in a general way: to strike a child. Hit is less formal than strike, and often implies giving a single blow, but usually a strong one and definitely aimed: to hit a baseball. To knock is to strike, often with a tendency to displace the object struck; it also means to strike repeatedly: to knock someone down; to knock at a door. See also beat.


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British Dictionary definitions for striking (1 of 2)

/ (ˈstraɪkɪŋ) /


attracting attention; fine; impressive a striking beauty
conspicuous; noticeable a striking difference

Derived forms of striking

strikingly, adverb strikingness, noun

British Dictionary definitions for striking (2 of 2)

/ (straɪk) /

verb strikes, striking or struck


Derived forms of strike

strikeless, adjective

Word Origin for strike

Old English strīcan; related to Old Frisian strīka to stroke, Old High German strīhhan to smooth, Latin stria furrow

Scientific definitions for striking

[ strīk ]

The course or bearing of a structural surface, such as an inclined bed or a fault plane, as it intersects a horizontal plane. See illustration at dip.

Cultural definitions for striking


A concerted refusal by employees in a particular business or industry to work. Its goal is usually to force employers to meet demands respecting wages and other working conditions.

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