Origin of king

before 900; Middle English; Old English cyng, cyni(n)g; cognate with German König, Dutch koning, Old Norse konungr, Swedish konung, Danish konge. See kin, -ing3


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[ king ]
/ kɪŋ /


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à la king
[ ah luh king, al-uh ]
/ ˌɑ lə ˈkɪŋ, ˌæl ə /


(of cooked fowl, fish, etc.) diced and served in a cream sauce containing mushrooms, pimiento, or green pepper: chicken à la king.

Origin of à la king

First recorded in 1915–20

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[ ol-uh-ver ]
/ ˈɒl ə vər /


one of the 12 paladins of Charlemagne. Compare Roland.
JosephKing,1885?–1938, U.S. cornet player, bandleader, and composer: pioneer in jazz.
a male given name.

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/ (kɪŋ) /


verb (tr)

to make (someone) a king
king it to act in a superior fashion

Derived forms of king

kinghood, noun kingless, adjective kinglike, adjective

Word Origin for king

Old English cyning; related to Old High German kunig king, Danish konge

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/ (kɪŋ) /


B.B., real name Riley B. King. born 1925, US blues singer and guitarist
Billie Jean (née Moffitt). born 1943, US tennis player: winner of twelve Grand Slam singles titles, including Wimbledon (1966–68, 1972–73, and 1975) and the US Open (1967, 1971–72, and 1974)
Martin Luther. 1929–68, US Baptist minister and civil-rights leader. He advocated nonviolence in his campaigns against the segregation of Black people in the South: assassinated: Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Stephen (Edwin). born 1947, US writer esp of horror novels; his books, many of which have been filmed, include Carrie (1974), The Shining (1977), Misery (1988), and Everything's Eventual (2002)
William Lyon Mackenzie. 1874–1950, Canadian Liberal statesman; prime minister (1921–26; 1926–30; 1935–48)

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à la king
/ (ɑː lɑː ˈkɪŋ, æ lə) /


(usually postpositive) cooked in a cream sauce with mushrooms and green peppers

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/ (ˈɒlɪvə) /


one of Charlemagne's 12 paladins See also Roland
Isaac. ?1556–1617, English portrait miniaturist, born in France: he studied under Hilliard and worked at James I's court
Jamie (Trevor). born 1975, British chef and presenter of television cookery programmes
Joseph, known as King Oliver. 1885–1938, US pioneer jazz cornetist

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