[ jok-ee ]
/ ˈdʒɒk i /

noun, plural jock·eys.

a person who rides horses professionally in races.
Informal. a person who pilots, operates, or guides the movement of something, as an airplane or automobile.

verb (used with object), jock·eyed, jock·ey·ing.

verb (used without object), jock·eyed, jock·ey·ing.

to aim at an advantage by skillful maneuvering.
to act trickily; seek an advantage by trickery.

Origin of jockey

1520–30; special use of Jock + -ey2


jock·ey·like, jock·ey·ish, adjective jock·ey·ship, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for jockey

/ (ˈdʒɒkɪ) /


a person who rides horses in races, esp as a profession or for hire


  1. (tr) to ride (a horse) in a race
  2. (intr) to ride as a jockey
(intr often foll by for) to try to obtain an advantage by manoeuvring, esp literally in a race or metaphorically, as in a struggle for power (esp in the phrase jockey for position)
to trick or cheat (a person)

Word Origin for jockey

C16 (in the sense: lad): from name Jock + -ey