[ graf-iks ]
/ ˈgræf ɪks /


(used with a singular verb) the art of drawing, especially as used in mathematics, engineering, etc.
(used with a plural verb) graphic arts(def 1).
(used with a plural verb) Movies, Television. the titles, credits, subtitles, announcements, etc., shown on the screen before, or as part of, a film or television program.
(used with a singular verb) the science of calculating by diagrams.
(used with a singular or plural verb) Computers. computer graphics.


Computers. pertaining to pictorial information displayed, plotted, or printed by a computer: When you draw a picture on a graphics tablet the computer displays the same picture on the screen.

Origin of graphics

First recorded in 1885–90; see origin at graphic, -ics

Definition for graphics (2 of 2)

[ graf-ik ]
/ ˈgræf ɪk /

adjective Also graph·i·cal.


a product of the graphic arts, as a drawing or print.
a computer-generated image.

Origin of graphic

1630–40; < Latin graphicus of painting or drawing < Greek graphikós able to draw or paint, equivalent to gráph(ein) to draw, write + -ikos -ic; cognate with carve


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British Dictionary definitions for graphics (1 of 2)

/ (ˈɡræfɪks) /


(functioning as singular) the process or art of drawing in accordance with mathematical principles
(functioning as singular) the study of writing systems
(functioning as plural) the drawings, photographs, etc, in the layout of a magazine or book, or in a television or film production
(functioning as plural) the information displayed on a visual display unit or on a computer printout in the form of diagrams, graphs, pictures, and symbols

British Dictionary definitions for graphics (2 of 2)



/ (ˈɡræfɪk) /


vividly or clearly described a graphic account of the disaster
sexually explicit
of or relating to writing or other inscribed representations graphic symbols
maths using, relating to, or determined by a graph a graphic representation of the figures
of or relating to the graphic arts
geology having or denoting a texture formed by intergrowth of the crystals to resemble writing graphic granite

Derived forms of graphic

graphically or graphicly, adverb graphicalness or graphicness, noun

Word Origin for graphic

C17: from Latin graphicus, from Greek graphikos, from graphein to write; see carve

Scientific definitions for graphics

[ grăfĭks ]

The representation of data in a way that includes images in addition to or instead of text. Computer-aided design, typesetting, and video games, for example, involve the use of graphics.