[ ig-zemp-shuhn ]
/ ɪgˈzɛmp ʃən /


the circumstances of a taxpayer, as age or number of dependents, that allow him or her to make certain deductions from taxable income.
the act of exempting.
the state of being exempted; immunity.

Origin of exemption

1400–50; late Middle English < Latin exemptiōn- (stem of exemptiō) removal. See exempt, -ion

SYNONYMS FOR exemption

3 exception. Exemption, immunity, impunity imply special privilege or freedom from imposed requirements. Exemption implies release or privileged freedom from some duty, tax, etc.: exemption from military service. Immunity implies freedom from a penalty or from some liability, especially one that is disagreeable or threatening: immunity from disease. Impunity (limited mainly to the fixed expression with impunity ) primarily suggests freedom from punishment: The police force was so inadequate that crimes could be committed with impunity.


ex·emp·tive, adjective non·ex·emp·tion, noun pre·ex·emp·tion, noun

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