Idioms for dark

    in the dark,
    1. in ignorance; uninformed: He was in the dark about their plans for the evening.
    2. in secrecy; concealed; obscure.
    keep dark, to keep as a secret; conceal: They kept their political activities dark.

Origin of dark

before 1000; (adj.) Middle English derk, Old English deorc; (noun and v.) Middle English, derivative of the adj.; compare Middle High German terken to darken, hide

synonym study for dark

1. Dark, dim, obscure, gloomy, murky refer to absence or insufficiency of light. Dark implies a more or less complete absence of light: a dark night. Dim implies faintness of light or indistinctness of form (resulting from the lack of light or from imperfect vision): a dim outline. Obscure implies dimness that may arise also from factors that interfere with light or vision: obscure because of haze. Gloomy means cloudy, ill-lighted, dusky: a gloomy hall. Murky implies a thick or misty darkness: murky water.


non·dark, adjective pre·dark, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for dark

/ (dɑːk) /




an archaic word for darken

Derived forms of dark

darkish, adjective darkly, adverb darkness, noun

Word Origin for dark

Old English deorc; related to Old High German terchennen to hide

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