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before 1000; Middle English, late Old English cros < Old Norse kross < Old Irish cros (< British Celtic) < Latin crux; see crux

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49. Cross, ill-natured, peevish, sullen refer to being in a bad mood or ill temper. Cross means temporarily in an irritable or fretful state, and somewhat angry: He gave her a cross reply and walked out of the room. Ill-natured implies a more permanent condition, without definite cause, and means unpleasant, unkind, inclined to snarl or be spiteful: an ill-natured dog; ill-natured spite. Peevish means complaining and snappish: She's acting like a peevish child again. Sullen suggests a kind of glowering silent gloominess and means refusing to speak because of bad humor, anger, or a sense of injury or resentment: I know I haven't called, but why are you suddenly so sullen and vindictive?


cross·a·ble, adjective cross·a·bil·i·ty, noun re·cross, verb un·cross·a·ble, adjective

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[ kraws, kros ]
/ krɔs, krɒs /


Wilbur Lucius,1862–1948, U.S. educator: governor of Connecticut 1931–39.

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a combining form of cross.

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/ (krɒs) /




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crosser, noun crossly, adverb crossness, noun

Word Origin for cross

Old English cros, from Old Irish cross (unattested), from Latin crux; see crux

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Cross 1
/ (krɒs) /

noun the Cross

the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified
the Crucifixion of Jesus

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Cross 2
/ (krɒs) /


Richard Assheton, 1st Viscount. 1823–1914, British Conservative statesman, home secretary (1874–80); noted for reforms affecting housing, public health, and the employment of women and children in factories

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combining form

indicating action from one individual, group, etc, to another cross-cultural; cross-fertilize; cross-refer
indicating movement, position, etc, across something (sometimes implying interference, opposition, or contrary action) crosscurrent; crosstalk
indicating a crosslike figure or intersection crossbones

Word Origin for cross-

from cross (in various senses)

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[ krôs ]


A plant or animal produced by crossbreeding; a hybrid.


To crossbreed or cross-fertilize plants or animals.

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