[ kon-si-kwens, -kwuhns ]
/ ˈkɒn sɪˌkwɛns, -kwəns /


the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier: The accident was the consequence of reckless driving.
an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome.
the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning; inference.
importance or significance: a matter of no consequence.
importance in rank or position; distinction: a man of great consequence in art.

Idioms for consequence

    in consequence, consequently; as a result; hence: He withdrew from the world, and in consequence was forgotten.
    in consequence of, as a result of; on account of: A trial was held in consequence of the investigation.

Origin of consequence

1350–1400; Middle English (< Anglo-French) < Latin consequentia. See consequent, -ence

SYNONYMS FOR consequence

4 moment, weight. See importance.

OTHER WORDS FROM consequence

non·con·se·quence, noun su·per·con·se·quence, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for consequences (1 of 2)

/ (ˈkɒnsɪkwənsɪz) /

pl n

(functioning as singular) British a game in which each player writes down a part of a story, folds over the paper, and passes it on to another player who continues the story. After several stages, the resulting (nonsensical) stories are read out

British Dictionary definitions for consequences (2 of 2)

/ (ˈkɒnsɪkwəns) /


a result or effect of some previous occurrence
an unpleasant result (esp in the phrase take the consequences)
significance or importance it's of no consequence; a man of consequence
  1. a conclusion reached by reasoning
  2. the conclusion of an argument
  3. the relations between the conclusion and the premises of a valid argument
the relation between an effect and its cause
in consequence as a result

Idioms and Phrases with consequences


see in consequence; of consequence.