[ kon-fer-mey-shuh n ]
/ ˌkɒn fərˈmeɪ ʃən /


the act of confirming.
the state of being confirmed.
something that confirms, as a corroborative statement or piece of evidence: His birth certificate served as confirmation of his citizenship.
a rite administered to baptized persons, in some churches as a sacrament for confirming and strengthening the recipient in the Christian faith, in others as a rite without sacramental character by which the recipient is admitted to full communion with the church.
a solemn ceremony among Reform and certain Conservative Jews that is held in the synagogue, usually on Shavuoth, to admit formally as adult members of the Jewish community Jewish boys and girls 14 to 16 years of age who have successfully completed a prescribed course of study in Judaism.

Origin of confirmation

1275–1325; Middle English < Latin confirmātiōn- stem of confirmātiō. See confirm, -ation

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/ (ˌkɒnfəˈmeɪʃən) /


the act of confirming
something that confirms; verification
a rite in several Christian churches that confirms a baptized person in his or her faith and admits him or her to full participation in the church
(in the philosophy of science) the relationship between an observation and the theory which it supposedly renders more probable Compare hypothetico-deductive