[ sen-ter ]
/ ˈsɛn tər /


verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

Idioms for center

    on center, from the centerline or midpoint of a structural member, an area of a plan, etc., to that of a similar member, area, etc.: The studs are set 30 inches on center. Abbreviation: o.c.
Also especially British, cen·tre.

Origin of center

1325–75; variant of Middle English centre < Latin centrum < Greek kéntron needle, spur, pivoting point in drawing a circle, derivative of kenteîn to sting

usage note for center

28. Although sometimes condemned for alleged illogicality, the phrases center about and center around have appeared in edited writing for more than a century to express the sense of gathering or collecting as if around a center: The objections center around the question of fiscal responsibility.


cen·ter·a·ble, adjective cen·ter·less, adjective su·per·cen·ter, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for center

/ (ˈsɛntə) /

noun, verb

the US spelling of centre

Medical definitions for center

[ sĕntər ]


A point or place in the body that is equally distant from its sides or outer boundaries; the middle.
A group of neurons in the central nervous system that control a particular function.

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