[ ban-ish ]
/ ˈbæn ɪʃ /

verb (used with object)

to expel from or relegate to a country or place by authoritative decree; condemn to exile: He was banished to Devil's Island.
to compel to depart; send, drive, or put away: to banish sorrow.

Origin of banish

1275–1325; Middle English banisshen < Anglo-French, Old French baniss-, long stem of banir < Frankish *bannjan to proclaim, akin to ban1


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British Dictionary definitions for banish

/ (ˈbænɪʃ) /

verb (tr)

to expel from a place, esp by an official decree as a punishment
to drive away to banish gloom

Derived forms of banish

banishment, noun

Word Origin for banish

C14: from Old French banir, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German ban