[ ih-rad-i-keyt ]
/ ɪˈræd ɪˌkeɪt /

verb (used with object), e·rad·i·cat·ed, e·rad·i·cat·ing.

to remove or destroy utterly; extirpate: to eradicate smallpox throughout the world.
to erase by rubbing or by means of a chemical solvent: to eradicate a spot.
to pull up by the roots: to eradicate weeds.

Origin of eradicate

1555–65; < Latin ērādīcātus rooted out (past participle of ērādīcāre), equivalent to ē- e-1 + rādīc- (stem of rādīx) root1 + -ātus -ate1

synonym study for eradicate

1. See abolish.


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/ (ɪˈrædɪˌkeɪt) /

verb (tr)

to obliterate; stamp out
to pull or tear up by the roots

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Word Origin for eradicate

C16: from Latin ērādīcāre to uproot, from ex- 1 + rādīx root