[ wey-stij ]
/ ˈweɪ stɪdʒ /


loss by use, wear, decay, etc.
loss or losses as the result of wastefulness: The annual wastage of time due to illness is appalling.
the action or process of wasting: the steady wastage of erosion.
something that is wasted; waste or waste materials: The river was befouled by factory wastage.

Origin of wastage

First recorded in 1750–60; waste + -age

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British Dictionary definitions for wastage

/ (ˈweɪstɪdʒ) /


anything lost by wear or waste
the process of wasting
reduction in size of a workforce by retirement, voluntary resignation, etc (esp in the phrase natural wastage)

usage for wastage

Waste and wastage are to some extent interchangeable, but many people think that wastage should not be used to refer to loss resulting from human carelessness, inefficiency, etc: a waste (not a wastage) of time/money/effort etc