[ uhn-til ]
/ ʌnˈtɪl /


up to the time that or when; till: He read until his guests arrived.
before (usually used in negative constructions): They did not come until the meeting was half over.


onward to or till (a specified time or occurrence): She worked until 6 p.m.
before (usually used in negative constructions): He did not go until night.
Scot. and North England. to; unto.

Origin of until

1150–1200; Middle English untill, equivalent to un- (< Old Norse unz up to, as far as) + till till1

usage note for until

See till1.

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British Dictionary definitions for until

/ (ʌnˈtɪl) /

conjunction (subordinating)

up to (a time) that he laughed until he cried
(used with a negative) before (a time or event) until you change, you can't go out


(often preceded by up) in or throughout the period before he waited until six
(used with a negative) earlier than; before he won't come until tomorrow

Word Origin for until

C13 untill; related to Old High German unt unto, until, Old Norse und; see till 1

usage for until

The use of until such time as (as in industrial action will continue until such time as our demands are met) is unnecessary and should be avoided: industrial action will continue until our demands are met

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see put off until tomorrow; talk one's arm off (until blue in the face). Also see under till.