[ truhb-uhl-suhm ]
/ ˈtrʌb əl səm /


causing trouble, annoyance, or difficulty; vexatious: a troublesome situation; a troublesome person.
laborious; difficult.
Archaic. full of distress or affliction.

Origin of troublesome

First recorded in 1540–50; trouble + -some1

SYNONYMS FOR troublesome

1 perplexing, galling, harassing.

OTHER WORDS FROM troublesome

trou·ble·some·ly, adverb trou·ble·some·ness, noun un·trou·ble·some, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for troublesome

/ (ˈtrʌbəlsəm) /


causing a great deal of trouble; worrying, upsetting, or annoying
characterized by violence; turbulent

Derived forms of troublesome

troublesomely, adverb troublesomeness, noun