[ trahy-byoon-l, tri- ]
/ traɪˈbyun l, trɪ- /


a court of justice.
a place or seat of judgment.
Also called tribune. a raised platform for the seats of magistrates, as in an ancient Roman basilica.

Origin of tribunal

1520–30; < Latin tribūnal, tribūnāle judgment seat, equivalent to tribūn(us) tribune1 + -āl(e) -al2

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British Dictionary definitions for tribunal

/ (traɪˈbjuːnəl, trɪ-) /


a court of justice or any place where justice is administered
(in Britain) a special court, convened by the government to inquire into a specific matter
a raised platform containing the seat of a judge or magistrate, originally that in a Roman basilica

Word Origin for tribunal

C16: from Latin tribūnus tribune 1