[ tran-skript ]
/ ˈtræn skrɪpt /


a written, typewritten, or printed copy; something transcribed or made by transcribing.
an exact copy or reproduction, especially one having an official status.
an official report supplied by a school on the record of an individual student, listing subjects studied, grades received, etc.
a form of something as rendered from one alphabet or language into another.

Origin of transcript

1250–1300; Middle English < Latin trānscrīptum thing copied (noun use of neuter of past participle of trānscrībere to transcribe); replacing Middle English transcrit < Old French < Latin, as above; see script

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British Dictionary definitions for transcript

/ (ˈtrænskrɪpt) /


a written, typed, or printed copy or manuscript made by transcribing
education, mainly US and Canadian an official record of a student's school progress and achievements
any reproduction or copy

Word Origin for transcript

C13: from Latin transcriptum, from transcrībere to transcribe