[ tuh-mey-toh, -mah- ]
/ təˈmeɪ toʊ, -ˈmɑ- /

noun, plural to·ma·toes.

any of several plants belonging to the genus Lycopersicon, of the nightshade family, native to Mexico and Central and South America, especially the widely cultivated species L. lycopersicum, bearing a mildly acid, pulpy, usually red fruit eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable.
the fruit itself.
Older Slang: Sometimes Offensive. a girl or woman.


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Origin of tomato

1595–1605; 1915–20 for def 3; earlier tomate < Spanish < Nahuatl tomatl

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British Dictionary definitions for tomato

/ (təˈmɑːtəʊ) /

noun plural -toes

a solanaceous plant, Lycopersicon (or Lycopersicum) esculentum, of South America, widely cultivated for its red fleshy many-seeded edible fruits
the fruit of this plant, which has slightly acid-tasting flesh and is eaten in salads, as a vegetable, etc
US and Canadian slang a girl or woman

Word Origin for tomato

C17 tomate, from Spanish, from Nahuatl tomatl