[ shoo r-lee, shur- ]
/ ˈʃʊər li, ˈʃɜr- /


firmly; unerringly; without missing, slipping, etc.
undoubtedly, assuredly, or certainly: The results are surely encouraging.
(in emphatic utterances that are not necessarily sustained by fact) assuredly: Surely you are mistaken.
inevitably or without fail: Slowly but surely the end approached.
yes, indeed: Surely, I'll go with you!

Origin of surely

First recorded in 1300–50, surely is from the Middle English word surliche. See sure, -ly

usage note for surely

2. See sure.

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British Dictionary definitions for surely

/ (ˈʃʊəlɪ, ˈʃɔː-) /


without doubt; assuredly things could surely not have been worse
without fail; inexorably (esp in the phrase slowly but surely)
(sentence modifier) am I not right in thinking that?; I am sure that surely you don't mean it?
rare in a sure manner
archaic safely; securely
(sentence substitute) mainly US and Canadian willingly; of course; yes