[ spes-uh-muhn ]
/ ˈspɛs ə mən /


a part or an individual taken as exemplifying a whole mass or number; a typical animal, plant, mineral, part, etc.
(in medicine, microbiology, etc.) a sample of a substance or material for examination or study: a urine specimen; a tissue specimen.
a particular or peculiar kind of person.

Origin of specimen

1600–10; < Latin: mark, example, indication, sign, equivalent to speci-, stem of specere to look, regard + -men noun suffix denoting result or means

synonym study for specimen

1. See example.

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British Dictionary definitions for specimen

/ (ˈspɛsɪmɪn) /


  1. an individual, object, or part regarded as typical of the group or class to which it belongs
  2. (as modifier)a specimen signature; a specimen page
med a sample of tissue, blood, urine, etc, taken for diagnostic examination or evaluation
the whole or a part of an organism, plant, rock, etc, collected and preserved as an example of its class, species, etc
informal, often derogatory a person

Word Origin for specimen

C17: from Latin: mark, evidence, proof, from specere to look at

Medical definitions for specimen

[ spĕsə-mən ]


A sample, as of tissue, blood, or urine, used for analysis and diagnosis.