[ seek ]
/ sik /

verb (used with object), sought, seek·ing.

verb (used without object), sought, seek·ing.

to make inquiry.

Idioms for seek

    be sought after, to be desired or in demand: Graduates in the physical sciences are most sought after by employers these days.

Origin of seek

before 900; Middle English seken, Old English sēcan; cognate with German suchen, Old Norse sœkja, Gothic sōkjan; akin to Latin sāgīre to perceive by scent (see presage, sagacity); cf. beseech


out·seek, verb (used with object), out·sought, out·seek·ing. re·seek, verb (used with object), re·sought, re·seek·ing. un·seek·ing, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for seek

/ (siːk) /

verb seeks, seeking or sought (mainly tr)

(when intr, often foll by for or after) to try to find by searching; look for to seek a solution
(also intr) to try to obtain or acquire to seek happiness
to attempt (to do something); try I'm only seeking to help
(also intr) to enquire about or request (something) to seek help
to go or resort to to seek the garden for peace
an archaic word for explore

Derived forms of seek

seeker, noun

Word Origin for seek

Old English sēcan; related to Old Norse sōkja, Gothic sōkjan, Old High German suohhen, Latin sāgīre to perceive by scent; see beseech

Idioms and Phrases with seek


see play hide and seek.