[ skahr ]
/ skɑr /


a mark left by a healed wound, sore, or burn.
a lasting aftereffect of trouble, especially a lasting psychological injury resulting from suffering or trauma.
any blemish remaining as a trace of or resulting from injury or use.
Botany. a mark indicating a former point of attachment, as where a leaf has fallen from a stem.

verb (used with object), scarred, scar·ring.

to mark with a scar.

verb (used without object), scarred, scar·ring.

to form a scar in healing.

Origin of scar

1350–1400; Middle English; aphetic variant of eschar


scar·less, adjective un·scarred, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for scarred (1 of 2)

scar 1
/ (skɑː) /


any mark left on the skin or other tissue following the healing of a wound
a permanent change in a person's character resulting from emotional distress his wife's death left its scars on him
the mark on a plant indicating the former point of attachment of a part, esp the attachment of a leaf to a stem
a mark of damage; blemish

verb scars, scarring or scarred

to mark or become marked with a scar
(intr) to heal leaving a scar

Word Origin for scar

C14: via Late Latin from Greek eskhara scab

British Dictionary definitions for scarred (2 of 2)

scar 2
/ (skɑː) /


an irregular enlongated trench-like feature on a land surface that often exposes bedrock
a similar formation in a river or sea
Also called (Scot): scaur

Word Origin for scar

C14: from Old Norse sker low reef, skerry

Medical definitions for scarred

[ skär ]


The fibrous tissue that replaces normal tissue destroyed by injury or disease.


To mark with a scar or become marked with a scar.
To form scar.