[ sahr-kof-uh-guh s ]
/ sɑrˈkɒf ə gəs /

noun, plural sar·coph·a·gi [sahr-kof-uh-jahy] /sɑrˈkɒf əˌdʒaɪ/, sar·coph·a·gus·es.

a stone coffin, especially one bearing sculpture, inscriptions, etc., often displayed as a monument.
Greek Antiquity. a kind of stone thought to consume the flesh of corpses, used for coffins.

Origin of sarcophagus

1595–1605; < Latin < Greek sarkophágos, noun use of the adj.; see sarcophagous

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British Dictionary definitions for sarcophagus

/ (sɑːˈkɒfəɡəs) /

noun plural -gi (-ˌɡaɪ) or -guses

a stone or marble coffin or tomb, esp one bearing sculpture or inscriptions

Word Origin for sarcophagus

C17: via Latin from Greek sarkophagos flesh-devouring; from the type of stone used, which was believed to destroy the flesh of corpses