[ rej-uh-strey-shuh n ]
/ ˌrɛdʒ əˈstreɪ ʃən /


Origin of registration

1560–70; < Middle French < Medieval Latin registrātiōn- (stem of registrātiō). See registrate, -ion

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/ (ˌrɛdʒɪˈstreɪʃən) /


  1. the act of registering or state of being registered
  2. (as modifier)a registration number
an entry in a register
a group of people, such as students, who register at a particular time
a combination of organ or harpsichord stops used in the performance of a piece of music
  1. a tax payable by the owner of a motor vehicle
  2. the period paid for

Derived forms of registration

registrational, adjective