[ pri-pos-ter-uhs, -truhs ]
/ prɪˈpɒs tər əs, -trəs /


completely contrary to nature, reason, or common sense; absurd; senseless; utterly foolish: a preposterous tale.

Origin of preposterous

First recorded in 1535–45, preposterous is from the Latin word praeposterus with the hinder part foremost. See pre-, posterior, -ous

synonym study for preposterous

See absurd.

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/ (prɪˈpɒstərəs) /


contrary to nature, reason, or sense; absurd; ridiculous

Derived forms of preposterous

preposterously, adverb preposterousness, noun

Word Origin for preposterous

C16: from Latin praeposterus reversed, from prae in front, before + posterus following