[ pref-er-uhns, pref-ruhns ]
/ ˈprɛf ər əns, ˈprɛf rəns /


the act of preferring.
the state of being preferred.
that which is preferred; choice: His preference is vanilla, not chocolate.
a practical advantage given to one over others.
a prior right or claim, as to payment of dividends or to assets upon dissolution.
the favoring of one country or group of countries by granting special advantages over others in international trade.

Origin of preference

From the Medieval Latin word praeferentia, dating back to 1595–1605. See prefer, -ence

synonym study for preference

3. See choice.


non·pref·er·ence, noun self-pref·er·ence, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for preference

/ (ˈprɛfərəns, ˈprɛfrəns) /


the act of preferring
something or someone preferred
  1. the settling of the claims of one or more creditors before or to the exclusion of those of the others
  2. a prior right to payment, as of a dividend or share in the assets of a company in the event of liquidation
commerce the granting of favour or precedence to particular foreign countries, as by levying differential tariffs