[ out-groh ]
/ ˌaʊtˈgroʊ /

verb (used with object), out·grew, out·grown, out·grow·ing.

to grow too large for: to outgrow one's clothes.
to leave behind or lose in the changes incident to development or the passage of time: She outgrew her fear of the dark.
to surpass in growing: watching one child outgrow another.

verb (used without object), out·grew, out·grown, out·grow·ing.

Archaic. to grow out; burst forth; protrude.

Origin of outgrow

First recorded in 1585–95; out- + grow

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British Dictionary definitions for outgrow

/ (ˌaʊtˈɡrəʊ) /

verb -grows, -growing, -grew or -grown (tr)

to grow too large for (clothes, shoes, etc)
to lose (a habit, idea, reputation, etc) in the course of development or time
to grow larger or faster than