[ nuhts ]
/ nʌts /


Also nerts, nertz. (used to express disgust, defiance, disapproval, despair).


insane; crazy.

Idioms for nuts

    be nuts about,
    1. to be extremely or excessively enthusiastic about; be fervent in one's admiration of: Both of them are nuts about chamber music.
    2. to be deeply in love with: He's nuts about his new girlfriend.

Origin of nuts

First recorded in 1900–05; plural of nut

Definition for nuts (2 of 3)

[ nuht ]
/ nʌt /


verb (used without object), nut·ted, nut·ting.

to seek for or gather nuts: to go nutting in late autumn.

Origin of nut

before 900; 1900–05 for def 8b; Middle English nute, Old English hnutu; cognate with Dutch noot, German Nuss, Old Norse hnot; akin to Latin nux


nut·like, adjective

Definition for nuts (3 of 3)

[ noot ]
/ nut /

noun Egyptian Religion.

the goddess of the sky, sometimes shown as a cow bearing Ra on her back and the stars on her underside.

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British Dictionary definitions for nuts (1 of 3)

/ (nʌts) /


a slang word for insane
(foll by about or on) slang extremely fond (of) or enthusiastic (about)


slang an expression of disappointment, contempt, refusal, or defiance

pl n

a slang word for testicles See testicle

British Dictionary definitions for nuts (2 of 3)


abbreviation for (in Britain)

National Union of Teachers

British Dictionary definitions for nuts (3 of 3)

/ (nʌt) /


verb nuts, nutting or nutted

(intr) to gather nuts
(tr) slang to butt (someone) with the head
See also nuts

Derived forms of nut

nutlike, adjective

Word Origin for nut

Old English hnutu; related to Old Norse hnot, Old High German hnuz (German Nuss)

Scientific definitions for nuts

[ nŭt ]

A dry, indehiscent simple fruit consisting of one seed surrounded by a hard and thick pericarp (fruit wall). The seed does not adhere to the pericarp but is connected to it by the funiculus. A nut is similar to an achene but larger. Acorns, beechnuts, chestnuts, and hazelnuts are true nuts. Informally, other edible seeds or dry fruits enclosed in a hard or leathery shell are also called nuts, though they are not true nuts. For instance, an almond kernel is actually the seed of a drupe. Its familiar whitish shell is an endocarp found within the greenish fruit of the almond tree. Peanuts are actually individual seeds from a seed pod called a legume.

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