[ nur-suh-ree ]
/ ˈnɜr sə ri /

noun, plural nurs·er·ies.

a room or place set apart for young children.
a place where young trees or other plants are raised for transplanting, for sale, or for experimental study.
any place in which something is bred, nourished, or fostered: The art institute has been the nursery of much great painting.
any situation, condition, circumstance, practice, etc., serving to breed or foster something: Slums are nurseries for young criminals.

Origin of nursery

First recorded in 1350–1400, nursery is from the Middle English word norcery. See nurse, -ery


pre·nurs·er·y, adjective, noun, plural pre·nurs·er·ies.

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British Dictionary definitions for nursery

/ (ˈnɜːsrɪ) /

noun plural -ries

  1. a room in a house set apart for use by children
  2. (as modifier)nursery wallpaper
a place where plants, young trees, etc, are grown commercially
an establishment providing residential or day care for babies and very young children; crèche
short for nursery school
anywhere serving to foster or nourish new ideas, etc
Also called: nursery cannon billiards
  1. a series of cannons with the three balls adjacent to a cushion, esp near a corner pocket
  2. a cannon in such a series