[ mon-soon ]
/ mɒnˈsun /


the seasonal wind of the Indian Ocean and southern Asia, blowing from the southwest in summer and from the northeast in winter.
(in India and nearby lands) the season during which the southwest monsoon blows, commonly marked by heavy rains; rainy season.
any wind that changes directions with the seasons.
any persistent wind established between water and adjoining land.

Origin of monsoon

1575–85; < Dutch monssoen (now obsolete) < Portuguese monção, earlier moução < Arabic mawsim season


mon·soon·al, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for monsoon

/ (mɒnˈsuːn) /


a seasonal wind of S Asia that blows from the southwest in summer, bringing heavy rains, and from the northeast in winter
the rainy season when the SW monsoon blows, from about April to October
any wind that changes direction with the seasons

Derived forms of monsoon

monsoonal, adjective

Word Origin for monsoon

C16: from obsolete Dutch monssoen, from Portuguese monção, from Arabic mawsim season

Scientific definitions for monsoon

[ mŏn-sōōn ]

A system of winds that influences the climate of a large area and that reverses direction with the seasons. Monsoons are caused primarily by the much greater annual variation in temperature over large areas of land than over large areas of adjacent ocean water. This variation causes an excess of atmospheric pressure over the continents in the winter, and a deficit in the summer. The disparity causes strong winds to blow between the ocean and the land, bringing heavy seasonal rainfall.
In southern Asia, a wind that is part of such a system and that blows from the southwest in the summer and usually brings heavy rains.

Cultural definitions for monsoon


A wind system that affects large climatic regions and reverses direction seasonally.

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The Asiatic monsoon brings heavy rains to Southeast Asia in spring and summer.