[ muh-krop-see-uh ]
/ məˈkrɒp si ə /

noun Ophthalmology.

a defect of vision in which objects appear to be larger than their actual size.
Also ma·cro·pi·a [muh-kroh-pee-uh] /məˈkroʊ pi ə/, mac·rop·sy [mak-rop-see] /ˈmæk rɒp si/.
Also called megalopsia, megalopia.
Compare micropsia.

Origin of macropsia

From New Latin, dating back to 1885–90; see origin at macr(o)-, -opsia

Definition for megalopia (2 of 2)

[ meg-uh-lop-see-uh ]
/ ˌmɛg əˈlɒp si ə /

noun Ophthalmology.

Also meg·a·lop·i·a [meg-uh-lop-ee-uh] /ˌmɛg əˈlɒp i ə/.

Origin of megalopsia

First recorded in 1885–90; megal- + -opsia

British Dictionary definitions for megalopia

/ (məˈkrɒpsɪə) /


the condition of seeing everything in the field of view as larger than it really is, which can occur in diseases of the retina or in some brain disorders