[ mahr-jer-in, -juh-reen, mahrj-rin ]
/ ˈmɑr dʒər ɪn, -dʒəˌrin, ˈmɑrdʒ rɪn /


a butterlike product made of refined vegetable oils, sometimes blended with animal fats, and emulsified, usually with water or milk.
Also called oleomargarine.

Origin of margarine

1870–75; from French margarin, a glyceryl ester of margar(ic acid) + -in -ine2

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British Dictionary definitions for margarine

/ (ˌmɑːdʒəˈriːn, ˌmɑːɡə-) /


a substitute for butter, prepared from vegetable and animal fats by emulsifying them with water and adding small amounts of milk, salt, vitamins, colouring matter, etc

Word Origin for margarine

C19: from margaric