[ in-ter-di-pen-duh ns ]
/ ˌɪn tər dɪˈpɛn dəns /


the quality or condition of being interdependent, or mutually reliant on each other: Globalization of economies leads to an ever-increasing interdependence of countries.
Sometimes in·ter·de·pend·en·cy.

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non·in·ter·de·pend·ence, non·in·ter·de·pend·en·cy, noun

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/ (ˌɪntədɪˈpɛndəns) /


dependence between two or more people, groups, or things the interdependence of economies

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interdependency, noun

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In economics, the concept that all prices are to some degree affected by all other prices and also that all markets are affected by all other markets.