[ in-i-kwol-i-tee ]
/ ˌɪn ɪˈkwɒl ɪ ti /

noun, plural in·e·qual·i·ties.

Origin of inequality

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English word from Latin word inaequālitās. See in-3, equality

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British Dictionary definitions for inequality

/ (ˌɪnɪˈkwɒlɪtɪ) /

noun plural -ties

the state or quality of being unequal; disparity
an instance of disparity
lack of smoothness or regularity
social or economic disparity
  1. a statement indicating that the value of one quantity or expression is not equal to another, as in xy
  2. a relationship between real numbers involving inequality: x may be greater than y, denoted by x > y, or less than y, denoted by x < y
astronomy a departure from uniform orbital motion