[ hek-tuh-kot-l-uh s ]
/ ˌhɛk təˈkɒt l əs /

noun, plural hec·to·cot·y·li [hek-tuh-kot-l-ahy] /ˌhɛk təˈkɒt lˌaɪ/. Zoology.

a modified arm of the male of certain cephalopods that is used to transfer sperm to the female.

Origin of hectocotylus

1850–55; < New Latin, equivalent to hecto- hecto- + -cotylus < Greek kotýlē cup

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British Dictionary definitions for hectocotylus

/ (ˌhɛktəʊˈkɒtɪləs) /

noun plural -li (-ˌlaɪ)

a tentacle in certain male cephalopod molluscs, such as the octopus, that is specialized for transferring spermatozoa to the female

Word Origin for hectocotylus

C19: New Latin, from hecto- + Greek kotulē cup