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Origin of gun

1300–50; Middle English gunne, gonne, apparently short for Anglo-Latin Gunilda, gonnyld, name for engine of war; compare Old Norse Gunna, short for Gunnhildr woman's name


gun·less, adjective

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gun 2
[ guhn ]
/ gʌn /


past participle of gin3.

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gin 2
[ jin ]
/ dʒɪn /


a trap or snare for game.
any of various machines employing simple tackle or windlass mechanisms for hoisting.
a stationary prime mover having a drive shaft rotated by horizontal beams pulled by horses walking in a circle.

verb (used with object), ginned, gin·ning.

to clear (cotton) of seeds with a gin.
to snare (game).

Origin of gin

1150–1200; Middle English gyn, aphetic variant of Old French engin engine


gin·ner, noun

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gin 3
[ gin ]
/ gɪn /

verb (used with or without object), gan, gun, gin·ning. Archaic.

to begin.

Origin of gin

1150–1200; Middle English ginnen, Old English ginnan, aphetic variant of onginnan, beginnen to begin

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gin 4
[ jin ]
/ dʒɪn /


Also called gin rummy. a variety of rummy for two players, in which a player with 10 or fewer points in unmatched cards can end the game by laying down the hand.
the winning of such a game by laying down a full set of matched cards, earning the winner a bonus of 20 or 25 points.

verb (used without object), ginned, gin·ning.

to win a game in gin by laying down a hand in which all 10 cards are included in sets.

Origin of gin

First recorded in 1955–60; perhaps special use of gin1

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/ (ɡʌn) /


verb guns, gunning or gunned

See also gun for

Word Origin for gun

C14: probably from a female pet name shortened from the Scandinavian name Gunnhildr (from Old Norse gunnr war + hildr war)

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gin 1
/ (dʒɪn) /


an alcoholic drink obtained by distillation and rectification of the grain of malted barley, rye, or maize, flavoured with juniper berries
any of various grain spirits flavoured with other fruit or aromatic essences sloe gin
an alcoholic drink made from any rectified spirit

Word Origin for gin

C18: shortened from Dutch genever juniper, via Old French from Latin jūniperus juniper

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gin 2
/ (dʒɪn) /


a primitive engine in which a vertical shaft is turned by horses driving a horizontal beam or yoke in a circle
Also called: cotton gin a machine of this type used for separating seeds from raw cotton
a trap for catching small mammals, consisting of a noose of thin strong wire
a hand-operated hoist that consists of a drum winder turned by a crank

verb gins, ginning or ginned (tr)

to free (cotton) of seeds with a gin
to trap or snare (game) with a gin

Derived forms of gin

ginner, noun

Word Origin for gin

C13 gyn, shortened from engine

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gin 3
/ (ɡɪn) /

verb gins, ginning, gan or gun

an archaic word for begin

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gin 4
/ (ɡɪn) /


Scot if

Word Origin for gin

perhaps related to gif, an earlier form of if

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gin 5
/ (dʒɪn) /


Australian offensive, slang an Aboriginal woman

Word Origin for gin

C19: from a native Australian language

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