[ gree-see, ‐zee ]
/ ˈgri si, ‐zi /

adjective, greas·i·er, greas·i·est.

smeared, covered, or soiled with grease.
composed of or containing grease; oily: greasy food.
greaselike in appearance or to the touch; slippery.
insinuatingly unctuous in manner; repulsively slick; oily.
Veterinary Pathology. affected with grease.

Origin of greasy

First recorded in 1505–15

pronunciation note for greasy

greasy is almost always pronounced as [gree-zee] /ˈgri zi/, with a medial [z] /z/, in the South Midland and Southern U.S. and as [gree-see] /ˈgri si/, with a medial [s] /s/, in New England, New York State, and the Great Lakes Basin. Speakers of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania are divided, with some using [s] /s/ and some using [z] /z/. Standard British English reflects both [z] /z/ and [s] /s/ pronunciations and British folk speech is also divided regionally, with [z] /z/ heard in the eastern counties and [s] /s/ in the central and western ones. Both pronunciations were brought to the colonies, where the present U.S. pattern emerged.


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British Dictionary definitions for greasiness

/ (ˈɡriːzɪ, -sɪ) /

adjective greasier or greasiest

coated or soiled with or as if with grease
composed of or full of grease
resembling grease
unctuous or oily in manner

noun plural greasies Australian slang

a shearer
an outback cook, esp cooking for a number of men

Derived forms of greasy

greasily, adverb greasiness, noun