[ gluhv ]
/ glʌv /


a covering for the hand made with a separate sheath for each finger and for the thumb.

verb (used with object), gloved, glov·ing.

to cover with or as if with a glove; provide with gloves.
to serve as a glove for.

Idioms for glove

Origin of glove

before 900; Middle English; Old English glōf; cognate with Old Norse glōfi


glove·less, adjective glove·like, adjective un·gloved, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for glove

/ (ɡlʌv) /


(often plural) a shaped covering for the hand with individual sheaths for the fingers and thumb, made of leather, fabric, etc See also gauntlet 1 (def. 2)
any of various large protective hand covers worn in sports, such as a boxing glove
hand in glove informal in an intimate relationship or close association
handle with kid gloves informal to treat with extreme care
with the gloves off informal (of a dispute, argument, etc) conducted mercilessly and in earnest, with no reservations


(tr; usually passive) to cover or provide with or as if with gloves

Derived forms of glove

gloved, adjective gloveless, adjective

Word Origin for glove

Old English glōfe; related to Old Norse glōfi

Idioms and Phrases with glove


see fit like a glove; hand in glove; handle with kid gloves; hang up (one's gloves); with the gloves off.