[ ahy-brou ]
/ ˈaɪˌbraʊ /


the arch or ridge forming the upper part of the orbit of the eye.
the fringe of hair growing on this arch or ridge.
a dormer having a roof that is an upwardly curved continuation of the main roof plane.
Printing, Journalism. kicker(def 9).
Nautical. a curved molding protecting a port from falling or dripping water.

Origin of eyebrow

First recorded in 1575–85; eye + brow

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British Dictionary definitions for eyebrow

/ (ˈaɪˌbraʊ) /


the transverse bony ridge over each eye
the arch of hair that covers this ridge Related adjective: superciliary
raise an eyebrow See raise (def. 31)

Medical definitions for eyebrow

[ ībrou′ ]


The bony ridge that extends over the eye.
The arch of short hairs that covers this ridge.

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see cause raised eyebrows.