[ ev-ree ]
/ ˈɛv ri /


being one of a group or series taken collectively; each: We go there every day.
all possible; the greatest possible degree of: every prospect of success.

Idioms for every

Origin of every

1125–75; Middle English every, everich, Old English ǣfre ǣlc ever each

synonym study for every

1. See each.

British Dictionary definitions for every

/ (ˈɛvrɪ) /


each one (of the class specified), without exception every child knows it
(not used with a negative) the greatest or best possible every hope of success
each: used before a noun phrase to indicate the recurrent, intermittent, or serial nature of a thing every third day; every now and then; every so often
every bit (used in comparisons with as) quite; just; equally every bit as funny as the other show
every other each alternate; every second every other day
every which way
  1. in all directions; everywhereI looked every which way for you
  2. US and Canadian from all sidesstones coming at me every which way

Word Origin for every

C15 everich, from Old English ǣfre ǣlc, from ǣfre ever + ǣlc each

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