Origin of enough

before 900; Middle English enogh, Old English genōh; cognate with German genug, Gothic ganohs, Old Norse nōgr; akin to Old English geneah it suffices, Sanskrit naśati (he) reaches

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British Dictionary definitions for enough

/ (ɪˈnʌf) /


  1. sufficient to answer a need, demand, supposition, or requirement; adequateenough cake
  2. (as pronoun)enough is now known
that's enough! that will do: used to put an end to an action, speech, performance, etc


so as to be adequate or sufficient; as much as necessary you have worked hard enough
(not used with a negative) very or quite; rather she was pleased enough to see me
(intensifier) oddly enough; surprisingly enough
just adequately; tolerably he did it well enough

Word Origin for enough

Old English genōh; related to Old Norse gnōgr, Gothic ganōhs, Old High German ginuog

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